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A New Community

My old forum at Ransomed Heart is finally coming to a close.  I am at work at building another community and want to share what is going on.

As news was announced that the old forum will be disbanded, I received requests and offers to help create a new place.  With my friend Vern and some beginning donations from some great people, we decided to take up the challenge.

The first step to creating community is identity.  Gathering people isn't enough.  They have to be gathered for a reason.  These people gathered trusting in the restoring work of God giving us good hearts.  They learned about awakened desire and how to live in a community of grace instead of living up to rules.  People came seeking healing and life.

I found a place that matches these values at Truefaced.  Their core values include living in a community of grace.  They want to see grace filled community being lived out, but haven't had a place online to do that.  We are going to partner with Truefaced to create a new online community. 

Many of you who follow my blog are familiar with the old forums and are looking for a place to go after they close.  I would love to see you over there.  More than that, I would love to have your lives and stories shape this new place.

We don't really have funding yet.  Truefaced is not in a position to fund this project, but they have agreed to partner with us in gathering new people with similar hearts.  If you can help out, you can donate directly (not tax deductible) or if you want a tax deduction, email me for details on how to give through Truefaced.

I will post up more details as I have them.